Cheri Lyn Pearson is a professional writer whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines.  She has been published over 65 times and is passionate about the stories she stumbles upon.

Cheri immerses herself in diverse subjects and extensively researches relevant material.  She is known to handle delicate, emotional subject matter with respect and empathy.  Ambitious and thorough, she loves to inform the public of unique individuals, special opportunities, and topics of substance.

She has scaled cliffs with a petroglyph hunter, interviewed men on the sensitive subject of vasectomy, highlighted senior issues, researched conflict minerals in the Congo, covered various individuals who were enthusiastic about their careers in sports or music, brought attention to “green” issues, and spoke with ghost hunters and legendary astronauts.  Cheri has provided articles on wine, restaurant, and travel experiences throughout the Southwest.

Cheri Lyn Pearson resides in San Francisco Bay, California and is working on a novel.