Senior Rescue Dog wins Holiday Photo Contest

In October of 2017, a little Chiweenie, named Champ, was evacuated after the Atlas fire burned through Napa and Solano County. According to Cal Fire, over 51,000 acres was engulfed in flames. The fire was not fully contained until 123 days later. Lives were lost and homes were damaged. Amongst all of the wreckage and confusion, Muttville, a senior dog rescue organization located in San Francisco, evacuated dogs and helped them find “forever homes.” Sherri Franklin of Muttville made it her mission to rescue senior dogs after witnessing how often they were euthanized in shelters. Many senior dogs are not adopted, yet they still have so much love to give. Champ lived happily with a family for four years. However, they relocated during the pandemic to Texas and could not keep Champ. Muttville is committed to the dogs they adopt out and they brought Champ back in to help him find another home. We were fortunate to adopt him in January of 2021 at the ripe old age of 12. He is pleasant and kind and loves snuggles and walks. He has brought so much joy to our family. Champ recently won a Holiday photo contest through the Burton Fletcher Foundation whose mission is “dedicated to rescuing and improving the plight” of animals in South Georgia. They encourage people “to adopt, not shop!” Many animals would be without an advocate if it weren’t for non-profit organizations like Muttville and the Burton Fletcher Foundation. To highlight that a senior dog is just as much of a gift as a puppy, we placed Champ in a gift box! Please consider adopting a senior dog or cat today!

Burton Fletcher

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